You have 6 and the white guy has 5. He wins.

Quem inspira, quais são as histórias e como os negros famosos se veem na América, volume II. Os comentários nos vídeos são bem interessantes.

"He's making the point that, too often, black people have to not only work as hard or be as good as white people - they have to work twice as hard and be twice as good. In other words, that dentist had to really work hard to achieve that kind of success."

"It feels kinda racist, but who cares now! OBAMA is president! It's not about color anymore. The American people did not vote for Obama because of his skin color but because of his competency."

"What's up with his mouth? Did he just go to the dentist or have a collagen injection? Sounds like he's storing something in his left cheek, Like a hamster."

The Black List Project was conceived of by photographer/filmmaker Timothy Greenfield-Sanders with Elvis Mitchell, public radio host and former New York Times film critic. It consists of a number of components including a film, a book, a traveling portrait exhibition and an educational initiative.

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