Autenticidade por minuto

Assim como as imagens que simulam fragmentos de autenticidade momentânea, sejam elas congelamentos de fenômenos ou montagens de pixels, para o pensamento de final de tarde deixo um fragmento do fotógrafo Alison Jackson sobre o virtual e o atual (e por que não o real, como diz Deleuze).


Abre aspas:

Thus we are continually being seduced away from the “truth” into a world which has no “real” grounds of integrity and authenticity.
At best, a photograph of a celebrity reproduces something authentic only at the very moment the shutter clicks.
We have been teased and seduced into giving tiny fragments of “reality” an absolute authenticity. Images are by nature titillating and “of fantasy,” aiding this process.

The photograph has become more real than the real.

Creating a clone or a copy of the “real” on paper. It is not a fake, it takes the place of the “real” for a moment, whilst looking at the image. The aim is to create likenesses of icons, where in the image, the simulations of icons, threatens the difference between “true” and “false,” between “real” and “imaginary”. The “real” subject becomes not necessary.


The photographs reflect what really exists in the public imagination. They highlight the difference between what we see and what we imagine. This is bound up in our inherent greedy voyeurism and our need to believe.

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