Sobre controle, expectativas e educação

Aaron Rose - Curador do projeto Make Something (Nike).

How do you think the students in your Make a Zine workshop took to the whole idea? And do you think any of them were interested enough to continue making zines years from now?

I don’t know really. I know they enjoyed the class, whether or not any of the students took any of it home with them is kind of out of my control. The ideas between these classes aren’t really about “making a zine” though. It’s about teaching a way of thinking based on a DIY ethos. The idea that you can do anything…by yourself, you just have to go ahead and say fuck it and do it.

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  1. É como eu sempre repito: Many others do, why don't you? O foda é começar, mas uma vez que o processo criativo dá início... ninguem segura.